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Kevin’s last three books went from concept to contract with major publishers in a few short months. Learn how to navigate the book process and create millions in ROI for your business like Kevin has.

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The Quest For The Jewish Super Bowl Ring
TAE International is focused on helping growth-oriented companies design and refine their Sales and Marketing approach to facilitate new growth and efficiency.

TAE consultants apply their broad backgrounds working with individuals and companies to assess, design and execute a strong, intentional and efficient sales process that can integrate effectively with marketing.

Through more than 50 years of combined high-touch sales, marketing and operational experience, we have witnessed the following:

• Many companies have not clearly differentiated sales from marketing and suffer from lack of clarification regarding roles, responsibilities and results.

• Many times marketing systems aren't in synch with the sales needs or
sales is not executing to marketing strategies due to poor alignment and communication.

• Often sales and marketing systems have grown organically based upon talent or legacy concepts that are no longer fully applicable for today's market needs.

• Both sales and marketing systems were created 75% by default rather than specific, intentional design because "It worked well so far".

TAE International helps you resolve these issues with a proven process preparing your company for exponential growth. Our process combines our expertise and methodology with your knowledge and experience to surface creativity in building an integrated, effective sales and marketing program.

• We start by learning about your business and assessing where the challenges exist.

• We engage with management, employees and customers to analyze which elements are working and where improvements can be made.

• We work with management and the appropriate departments to design and deploy an integrated sales and marketing program that is intentional and efficient.

• We bring communication tools to create buy-in across the company for efficient execution of management's design.

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