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The Complete Sales Process

The Complete Sales Process

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Applying Intentional Marketing to a clearly defined sales process will allow you to scale that process for growth. It won’t happen by accident. You will need to apply Forethought, Efficiency and Integration to your marketing approach if you want to attract and close buyers effectively in a leveraged manner.

Forethought — analyzing questions and objections in advance to open a successful sales path with your prospects.

Efficiency — the productive use of resources. In sales and marketing, getting the most return on investment of time, energy, and resources.

Integration—having a consistent value proposition in all materials, and that all materials work consistently with one another.

Most companies grow their sales and marketing efforts based upon the talents of the founders or early employees. Adjustments usually result in quick fixes that resolve issues short term but create longer-term inefficiency and misdirection. Often the end result is mediocrity for both company and customer.

Some believe that sales drives marketing and some that marketing drives sales. Both may be correct to some extent. Yet both processes are driven by customer needs and desire. Differentiating the sales process actions from marketing tools and strategy, helps companies focus on integrating sales and marketing with clear intent to achieve management goals effectively and efficiently.

At TAE International we define “sales” as the pure, direct person-to-person process of how a sales person transacts business with a customer. Above is a diagram showing each of the sales process stages from start to finish. Click on the diagram to learn more detail about how we view the process.

We believe the sales process experience has the greatest impact for the customer so we begin our work here. Most sales consultants focus on a particular, simple aspect of sales such as generating leads or closing. Few look at the entire process end to end, which often leaves gaps that could lose customers in a complex sale.

At TAE International we examine your entire sales process in a holistic manner to make sure there are no gaps that could lead to lost revenue.

• We abstract the process and analyze each area in depth.

• We help you objectively find the subtlety in what your customers are and should be thinking and feeling at each stage.

• We bring expertise to determine which factors within your control will help potential customers move to the next stage, or eliminate themselves from the process sooner, preserving your precious resources.

Once a complex sales process has been clearly defined in a pure form, it requires tools to make it efficient. While one sales person taking a customer through each stage of the process may be an effective way of achieving high pull-through, it is very difficult to scale.

Bring on the Marketing!!!

At TAE International, we define marketing as the application of efficiency tools to the sales process to help it scale. These tools can be strategic as in the case of market segmentation and market research, or they can be tactical such as building collateral, advertising or creating an effective website. In all cases these tools encourage sales beyond a one-to-one salesperson/customer interaction.

• We combine our creativity with your experience to create innovative and intentional marketing programs that have maximum, efficient impact on each aspect of the sales process.

• We help you stretch your marketing dollars with existing vendors and bring our resources of creative partners to fill new marketing areas.

The ultimate result is a cost effective, fully integrated sales and marketing program ready for solid corporate growth. Learn More


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